Pilots & Permits

Transport of school tjalk barge ORTELIUS


22.5m x 4.85m - 81 tonnes


From Quay 102 to Quay 47 with the Brabo crane, after which transport continued over the road to the dry docks.


On Wednesday March 1st, 2017, HEAVY organised the transport, escort, and unloading of the renowned tjalk barge Ortelius, the younger brother of the tjalk barge Gerlache. Starting from quay 102, the Brabo crane set sail for quay 47 near the Siberia Bridge in Antwerp.

That was where Heavy was responsible for the direct transshipment onto a flatbed trailer 2 berth 6, the rear axles of which are steered completely independently.

Once the local police had closed the road, the colossus departed for the dry docks, escorted by Heavy Pilots & Permits.

On arrival at the destination, the Heavy Lifting+Handling hoist lifting gear system was ready to lift the tjalk barge from the flatbed trailer onto the quay.

The tjalk barge will be repaired under the direction of the city of Antwerp. This project has been coordinated by Mr Weijts, city harbour master. We are grateful to him and all parties involved for the smooth cooperation.

Building year: 1898

Listed vessel: Since February 2014, the training tjalk barge Ortelius has been protected as a listed vessel.

Function: Prior to 1948, the Ortelius was used as a freight ship. In 1948, it was purchased by Lode Craeybeckx, mayor of the city of Antwerp, and used for round trips with groups from the free Catholic education system.

Future: The Ortelius is awaiting restoration so that it can be used for sailing again.