Pilots & Permits

Exceptional road transport and shipping of 2 columns to the UK


column 1:
Dimensions: 4470×900×692
Weight: 147 tons

column 2:
Dimensions: 3542×900×680
Weight: 120 tons


From Antwerp, through Genk, to Ellesmere in the UK


Heavy Pilots & Permits worked alongside Maxtrans to ensure that both road transports arrived in Genk safely. In Genk, both columns were transferred to an inland waterways ship. This was one of the biggest loads ever to be escorted over the public highways in Belgium. Both the drivers from Maxtrans and the escort staff from Heavy had to demonstrate their superlative professionalism.

During the weekend, the columns were transported via inland waterways to the port of Antwerp where the coaster Arklow Rose took over the transport of the columns for the passage to Ellesmere in the UK.

The entire operation ran smoothly and within the deadline set.