Pilots & Permits

All escort tasks are conducted for € 55* per hour/per pilot in Belgium, Luxemburg and France and € 48 per hour/per pilot in the Netherlands.

* When the permit has not been applied for by Heavy Pilots & Permits N.V., a rate of € 60 per escort per hour will be applicable.

We work with fixed driving and departure times which you can consult below, along with the effective escort time.

 1 escort vehicle2 escort vehicles3 escort vehicles
length larger than 30m and <= 35m larger than 35 and <= 40m larger than 40m
width larger than 3.5 and <= 4.5m larger than 4.5 and <= 5m larger than 5m
height   over 4.8m  
mass over 90 tons over 180 tons  

For your specific projects, we would be delighted to provide you with a customised quote at pilots.permits@heavy.be