Pilots & Permits

Heavy Pilots & Permits specialises in escorting exceptional transports and everything that comes with it. Heavy Pilots & Permits not only has a modern fleet of escort lorries with qualified, experienced persnnel but also has in-house expertise regarding the relevant legislation and permits that correspond to this type of work.


Quality, 24 hours a day service, professional expertise, enthusiasm and an eye for detail are the fundamentals of our business. We strive each and every day with our team to achieve the very best results and offer our customers exceptional service around the clock. In short – exceptionally exceptional!

Over the years, Heavy Pilots & Permits has built up extensive knowledge and this enables us to transport all cargo from A to B efficiently and without problems. This expertise involves a combination of rolling stock, well trained and experienced escort personnel, thorough knowledge of all of the permit procedures and legislation and constant attention regarding modifications and road works.

Heavy Pilots & Permits has also built up excellent relationships with the ministries of transport in our neighbouring countries (the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, the UK) and elsewhere across Europe. We can thus ensure that our ‘giants of the road’ arrive at their destinations safely.