Transporting cyclotrons from Belgium to Prague


2 cyclotrons, each:
Dimensions: 470×470×170
Weight: 110 tons


From Belgium to Prague


Given the dimensions of the items, the ring road around Prague had to be temporarily closed. That is why the arrival of the transport in Prague was timed to take place at night, so that inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

The access road to the final destination was too narrow for the lorry and 16-liner; the road was also too steep, with a gradient of 8%. This was resolved by transporting each item, one by one, on the SPMT which could take the components up the steep and narrow incline to their destination.

At the destination point, the parts were then positioned over the cellar access hole, lifted using the 1,100 SPMT porch and then lowered to a depth of 7 m so that they could be installed.