Transport, location and installation of a transformer in Scotland


Dimensions: 8.00 × 3.80 × 4.10 m
Weight: 110 tons


From Hungary to Stonehaven in Scotland


A lifter took the transformer from Hungary to Rotterdam, where it was moved for further transport via roro to the United Kingdom.

The straw that (almost) broke the camel’s back: steep slopes!
The fact that in Stonehaven, the final destination could only be reached by an uneven, narrow and very steep incline meant that we even needed help from a dump-truck for the last section of transport. The transformer was unloaded at the final location and placed on the foundation using screw jacks and a skidding system.

The cooling bank and components were then assembled and the transformer was filled with 50 tons of oil.  The pump unit then created a vacuum (up to 6,000 l/hour).
Finally, our engineers carried out commissioning tests.

It was a genuinely complete package; everything from A to Z.