Moving a storage tank from Zuiddok to Middendok in Ghent


Dimensions: diameter of 21 m, height 16 m
Weight: 150 tons


Port of Ghent


This 150 ton colossus stood on a stabilised foundation plate on a sloping surface with a height difference of 60 cm. The step-by-step plan below was vital:

  • Secure the base plate in the tank and tension this with 8 Tirfors
  • Install 8 jack-up points outside the tank
  • Jack up the tank to a height of 140 cm with 8 climbing jack-ups (max. capacity of 100 tons per item) and a hydraulic power pack

As a result, there was sufficient room to drive 2 hydraulic platform lorries (15-axle Goldhofer) under the tank. Next steps…

  • Install drive-off ramps (width 2 x 3 m, length 10 m) in order to accommodate the height difference with the stabilised foundation plate.
  • Install drive-on ramps with a mobile crane on the pontoon positioned at right-angles to the quay.
  • Place two ballast trucks in a push position to move the tank 80 m in a straight line from the foundation zone to the pontoon.
  • Dismantle and load all of the material onto the lorry and move 2 km on the pontoon to Middendok..
  • The ballast trucks pulled the tanks 80 m in a straight line from the pontoon positioned at right-angles to the new foundation plate (with its own drive-on incline)
  • Temporary location of the tank on planking in order to then lower the tank back to ground level.

The busy channels at Middendok meant it was necessary to request a permit to obstruct port traffic from the port management in Ghent; we also organised this.