Worldwide industrial installation works

Heavy Lifting+Handling is active across the globe in the industrial installation sector, whereby an all-in service is offered from ‘factory to foundation’. This type of turnkey project involves all of our areas of expertise within one, complete solution.

Everything begins with extremely detailed project planning. This then acts as a type of roadmap or manual for all of the subsequent steps. If we carry out installation work, we first ensure that all of the components are thoroughly cleaned – this involves cleaning and degreasing – before they are packed and made ready for transport. If necessary, we also provide temporary storage until we can unload the installation at the customer’s request. 

At the new location, we take care of positioning and setting out the machine carefully and then create the correct mechanical and electrical installation. Then there’s just the last step: commissioning.


Transport & installation of a cyclotron in Uppsala, Sweden

Heavy Lifting+Handling installs a cyclotron weighing 250 tons in one of the leading hospitals in Sweden.

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Transporting cyclotrons from Belgium to Prague

2 cyclotrons weighing 110 tons to Prague: this meant the ring road in Prague had to be shut at night and then an incline of 8% had to be tackled with the SPMT.

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Transporting and installing cyclotrons from Belgium to Poland

Our entire range of equipment was used and we had to complete calculations for 21 bridges in Poland in order to move 2 cyclotrons from Louvain-La-Neuve to Krakow.

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