Transformer Service

Heavy Lifting+Handling’s rich history includes the installation of transformers and this has now become a genuine speciality. Over the years, we have created all-in service packages for both oil-filled and dry transformers; these can be regarded as total-service solutions. Our all-round service specialists provide the guarantees in this context.


Decontaminating a transformer in Herenthout

In Herenthout, we pumped the old oil out of a transformer, took care of all the necessary repairs and re-commissioned the unit

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Transport, location and installation of a transformer in Scotland

This transformer travelled from Hungary, through Rotterdam, to the United Kingdom, where it was then carefully installed.

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Transport of transformers and cool batteries

2 transformers and 2 cool batteries were moved from Mechelen to Hoboken. They were unloaded onto planking and supports.

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Transport and installation of transformers in Malta

How do you get 2 transformers and reactors from Mechelen to Malta? You transport them by road, then by ship, unload with the porch and then skid them into place.

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Internal industrial relocation of ABB transformer

We dismantled cooling towers, a conservator and copper piping for Solvay Antwerpen and then hoisted it all onto the SPMT using a 700 ton crane.

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Transporting and unloading transformers

In Lokeren, we unloaded 2 transformers, each weighing 86 tons onto a foundation, using our hydraulic hoisting system.

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