Heavy Lifting+Handling doesn't just transport transformers but delivers and installs them on the foundation. This also encompasses the careful installation of seals, radiators, conservators, isolators,…


Transport and placement army tank

Cromwell tank, restored by military personnel at Rocourt, was gently lifted onto a deeploader, ready for transport to Antwerp.

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Using a stair-robot made moving those electrical cabins much easier

Moving 7 cabinets weighing in at 750kg each, down 300 steps was out of the question, but using a stair-robot, the problem was quickly solved.

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Transport & installation of a cyclotron in Nice, France

Travelling around hairpin corners with a load measuring 9m30 long and 4m50 wide was not an easy task. On top of that, the transport had to drive over the roof of the local hospital so that the cyclotron, gantry crane and additional materials could be unlo

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Transport, location and installation of a transformer in Scotland

This transformer travelled from Hungary, through Rotterdam, to the United Kingdom, where it was then carefully installed.

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Transport and installation of transformers in Malta

How do you get 2 transformers and reactors from Mechelen to Malta? You transport them by road, then by ship, unload with the porch and then skid them into place.

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