Heavy Lifting+Handling specialises in the assembly and manipulation of machines. Together with our trained employees and modern fleet of machinery, we endeavour to complete all tasks safely and effectively. We follow up our customers worldwide. Those who opt for Heavy Lifting+Handling will be able to count on a long-term partner.

Heavy Lifting+Handling can rely on many years of experience in all techniques used for shifting heavy loads: from hydraulic lifting across skids to hauling and hoisting.

  • Heavy Lifting+Handling specialises in moving heavy loads and machinery from a particular departure point to a final destination in Belgium, Europe or worldwide. We can move a machine or entire machinery fleet from a department within a building or factory to another site or part of the building.

  • Aside from these core activities, we also offer a full range of peripheral services, including maintenance of transformers. For many years, Heavy Lifting+Handling has been regarded as a leading player when it comes to moving heavy loads.

  • Whether it involves a section of tunnel, a crane, machinery, a silo, transformer or similar, the size of which falls outside the scope of classic transport or removal facilities. Too wide, too high, too long or too heavy: never! Contact Heavy Lifting+Handling for the solution.